CCSE High School has New Principal

Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence (CCSE) Schools have appointed Renee Krehl as the founding Principal of Chattanooga Charter School Excellence High for the 2022-2023 school year. The upcoming CCSE High will be located at 200 East 37th Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a former Principal of CCSE Elementary and Middle, She is well equipped to serve our faculty, staff, parents, students, and community.

Renee Krehl came to Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence Schools in 2013. Since joining our team, she has served as an Exceptional Education Specialist, Elementary and Middle School Assistant Principal, Principal, and Chief of Staff with plans to launch our remarkable new school, Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence High at its new location in August 2023.

Renee Krehl has been an educator and leader in the field of education for over 16 years. As an Army Veteran, she served our country for 6 years prior to pursuing her goals in the field of education. She is passionate about quality education and goes the extra mile for students and teachers. Among her credentials, she holds degrees in Instructional Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, and Social Work. She is a proud graduate of Florida State University and Lincoln Memorial University. She holds Teaching Certifications and Licensures in Elementary Education, Special Education, School Social Work, and Administration.

CCSE High is located on the site of the former Franklin Middle School and Highland Environmental Institute. CCSE Schools will have a feeder pattern commencing with CCSE Elementary (K-5), CCSE Middle (6-8), and now CCSE High (grade 9 and grade 10). The new charter school will be the new home of ninth grade students in the first year and grow one grade level each year until we reach the full complement in the 12th grade year.

CCSE High͛s vision revolves around forming robust partnerships with parents. Accordingly, building strong relationships with our parents stands as a powerful tool in achieving our mission of ultimately cultivating long-term academic success for every student. Further, we will enlist parents to model the leadership and social-emotional competencies that we will teach to and nurture in our students, which will support the components of our mission around instilling accountability and a sense of personal responsibility in our students.

We will achieve our mission when all of our students possess the academic, leadership, and social-emotional skills needed to secure long-term success personally and professionally. More specifically, students will reach proficiency across all core content areas and will have the higher order thinking skills needed to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information. Students will also be able to create, and problem solve at high level skills that are critical to long-term success. Students will also embody the five paradigms of the Leader in Me program, possessing the skills required to be highly effective leaders, understanding the power of their own agency, and appreciating the genius of others. Students will also attain social-emotional competence; they will show empathy, engage in self-regulation, and have impulse control. When achieving our mission, our school will serve as a hub for families ʹ a place where students and parents want to come to learn together as a community.

In addition to holding high standards of student achievement, our academic plan revolves around providing enriched elective and extracurricular programming, providing robust social-emotional supports, and offering opportunities for expanded family engagement. To support our emphasis on enriched elective and extracurricular programming, we will offer a suite of electives that go beyond traditional high school elective offerings. In addition, we will also implement 21st century career clubs. To ensure that every student has access to our clubs, we will implement a bi-weekly club day, during which time students will learn about careers and participate in activities relevant to their clubs. This unique programming will give our students exposure to a vast swath of career fields and paths to which they likely otherwise would not be exposed. Our unique electives will enable students to engage in career-related content and coursework, and our 21st century career clubs will allow students to learn about potential career paths and the corresponding required credentials and expertise.

Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence High’s student application opens on November 1, 2022. CCSE High admits students based on a first come, first served basis. Completing the application and submitting the required supplemental documentation within the application period ensures a scholar’s place in line. If CCSE High receives more completed application packets than the number of open student seats available for the current school year, we will initiate a lottery as mandated by the state of Tennessee. Applications for CCSE High will be available November 1, 2022, on the school website, For more information, please contact CCSE High at 423-702-2273 starting November 1, 2022.

Blog Post written by:
Renee Krehl
Chief of Staff